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University of Denver Clarion Gives Thumbs Up to WOW Cafe

Apr 26th, 2017

Ballard Brands

With the addition of the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science on campus, DU has also been graced with the opening of the WoW (World of Wings) Cafe – American Grill and Eatery. Located on the bottom floor of the Ritchie School, WoW has proven to be a welcome addition to the on-campus food dining scene.

While it may not be the biggest deal for students living and taking classes on the north end of campus, WoW is serving as a much-needed eatery for science, engineering, music and MFJS students. Because the entire building is brand new this year, the atmosphere is clean and welcoming. Simple tables and friendly staff make WoW a nice location for socializing and studying alike. There are bright lights and plenty of windows, and aside from weekend closings like other on-campus dining options, the hours are accessible for those stopping in for a bite to eat.

The menu is fairly diverse, offering a variety of salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas and, of course, wings. They even have a limited selection of breakfast items, such as French toast sticks ($2.99) and coffee (small, $1.79). Everything can easily be made into a fries-and-a-drink combo. Prices vary, ranging from a $1.99 basket of French fries to a $9.99 10-piece order of chicken wings, but they’re pretty fair overall. WoW also accepts meal plan cash for any item on the menu, which is a big selling point for the broke college student.

As far as the food goes, it’s actually really enjoyable. This reviewer has tried the three piece chicken tenders ($4.99), the Kentucky Club salad ($6.49), an order of French fries and chicken wings (five piece, $5.99). The chicken tenders were top-notch, especially for someone craving flavorful and greasy comfort food. The fries were well-seasoned, and the giant salad kept me full for an entire day. The wings, admittedly, were quite dry and came with the sauce on the side. All the food, though, was well-seasoned, hot and made-to-order.

One downside to the restaurant is its speed. It’s not too slow, but compared to other options on campus, it’s much less convenient if one needs to speedily eat a meal before or after class. The sacrifice in time shows itself in the food, though. It was confusing when the presumably ready-made salad was taking so long to serve up, but then the newly prepared Kentucky Club with hot meat and fresh vegetables appeared.

Overall, the WoW Cafe isn’t anything fancy, but having an easy place to go for mozzarella sticks ($4.99) or a good burger (prices vary) on campus is great. Sometime soon, break your Nagel lunch routine and head south to the WoW Cafe. If anything, try the chicken tenders.