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Beyond Pumpkin Spice: The Year In Coffee

Dec 11th, 2018

Ballard Brands

PJ’s Coffee & Tea, May

Southern Wedding Cake: Coffee flavored with vanilla and light almond, available in iced latte, cold brew coffee and Protein Velvet Ice, $2.25-$5.85 depending on size.

Bow Tie Affogato: Ghirardelli Frappe White Chocolate mix, frozen vanilla cream and espresso $4.55-$5.85 depending on size.

Availability: Through June 30.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, August

Cold Brew Iced Latte: Cold brew concentrate with confetti cake flavor, milk, cane sugar syrup and ice, $3.95-$4.95.

Velvet Ice: Confetti cake cold brew concentrate, milk, cane sugar, ice and Ghirardelli white frappe blended and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, $4.55-$5.85.

Protein Velvet Ice: Confetti cake cold brew concentrate, skim milk, no-sugar-added vanilla frappe syrup, ice and EAS protein powder, $4.95-$5.95.

Availability: Through Aug. 31.